Brief notes on a lazy saturday

Many things happened in this intense week. Just today, I was requested to collaborate with a researcher that deals with regulated substances. However, very little information is available and the feeling of being attracted in the under-wood is strong.  That makes me thinking on a more general level. We all know that part of the research inn the University is a dead end, and many researchers keep doing it for faith and habit, not because they really think that it will be fruitful. So, the difference between a dubious start-up and a questionable research  group is only the University and its credibility. As researchers, we should be careful not to waste  this patrimony  of credibility.

Communication is a priority in relationships, even those that are over. The process is dynamic and never simple. One should carefully balance rationality  and emotions, keeping a door open while remaining firm on the principle. Next time you are looking for a conflict-resolution person, ask to a divorced man or woman!

There are great research institutions in your  geographical backyard, if you only search for them. Maybe they are not extremely competitive as they  are embedded in a weak industrial and marketing fabric, but they exist nonetheless. Look around and keep a positive attitude.

Thanks to the many friends that listened to my words, help me with my problems or simply mantain a solid  presence in my life. I am in debt with you and you can count always on me.


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