While waiting the usual 8+ hours in Doha airport on my way to Singapore, I have time to write, enjoy people watching and think.

A well-known economy principle says that we do something only if the benefit of doing so (changing) is higher than the related cost. Nothing new here, but it is surprising how this principle is well-known to kids, adult and community. Chemically speaking, it can be described in terms of kinetic and activation potential. Understanding this principle leas to better decisions. Think about it next time you enjoy a meal or do nearly any action. Exceptions? The application to community require an average or some sort of weighing, to account for the needs of different people and classes. The problem is, as usual, who decides the weighing method…

Despite a long life experience, I am still surprised how simple is to take advantage of the rules that govern a community. There are elements that, like parasites, understand enough these rules to twist them to their advantage. Learning how to isolate and possibly punish these perturbative elements should be one of the most important function of any given society.

Interesting discussion with a couple of retired teachers about teaching techniques, particularly how to retain information and to provide multilevel lectures to students. I will apply these ideas next week, as I will start my teaching in Asia!


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