Monthly Archives: February 2015

Party of knowledge

The only party I would like to found, had I time and money for this gigantic work, is the party of knowledge, thought and logic.

It is the only party that will not accept most of the wars, because a war is not an optimal collaborative strategy, and it consumes more resources than those that produces.

It is the only party that will not accept religion, obviously. Better, it will accept religion only for the elders and those that are retired, whose influence on the others and on the public things is little.

It is the only party when you renew your membership through an exam. Old members will challenge new members by designing a logic test. More knowledgeable members will take the place of tired and less knowledgeable one.

It is the party where discussion are short, logical, and interesting. No ideology, but sound concepts. No propaganda, but facts and numbers.

Knowledge is worth working hard for, fills your mind and body, makes you a full human.

And sharing feelings with a smart partner is probably the most beautiful thing in the Universe.